Story and Meaning

What if all the world around us unfolds in certain ways while we, human beings, constantly tell ourselves different stories about it? What if what we call human understanding is nothing else than stories that we make up about some of the world’s events, stories that are for the most part either flawed or incomplete? And if it is indeed the case, to what extent do we do so and why do we even do it? What if we have always been living more in our stories than in the real world?

These are some of the important questions which John H.T. Francis addresses in Story and Meaning.

Faithful to his multidisciplinary approach, intricate treatment of the subject, and modular and open style, the author looks at the existential role of the Story to human beings. Story and Meaning is a work in philosophy that comprises narratives, theoretical analysis, and practical thinking around the importance of the Story in our daily lives.

Reflections on Fundamental Matters

Not for the Satisfied Mind

Addressing important questions that have been discussed across times and cultures, these essays seek to awaken you from the slumber of intellectual complacency.

In Reflections on Fundamental Matters: Not for the Satisfied Mind, author John H.T. Francis presents a multidisciplinary look at fundamental questions of human interest and prevalent interpretations. He tackles some of humanity's most important and difficult topics, drawing on many fields of knowledge and action, including science, philosophy, sociology, economics, politics, anthropology, and psychology.

 This work explores history, knowledge, the human mind and psyche, the nature of existence, the phenomenon of life, socioeconomic and political dynamics, ethics, religions, and several current, pressing individual and collective challenges. It provides elements of answers and attempts to position subjects of general importance under a new light. Universal in his approach, John H.T. Francis reaches out to those who are interested in delving deeper into the human understanding and seeking a greater consciousness of our existence.